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Beyond Money: The Real Rewards of Running a Podcast! | Lee Houghton

Today’s Guest Lee Houghton

Lee is the father of two amazing children. He is a business improvement coach who prides himself on helping people and teams make today better than yesterday, a lot of people can say these things about themselves though. So what makes Lee different is his random journey to get to where he has with, one pivotal moment in losing his best mate ‘Chris’ after his brave cancer battle that changed Lee’s life forever. Lee’s random journey has included writing 5 children books, owning a bouncy castle business AND DJ, including 18 months Dj’ing dressed as a monkey.... all these things have shaped his career from data input administrator to co-founding Get Knowledge in 2018. BUT, as a shiny object syndrome sufferer, it was losing Chris that has sharpened his focus and desire to help people confidently deliver change.

Welcome to Episode 20 of Podjunction! In this milestone episode, we delve into the vast and often unexpected benefits of podcasting beyond just financial gains. Join us as we explore how podcasting can bolster business growth, foster personal connections, and ignite personal passion in content creation.

In this episode:

  1. Celebrating Milestones: We kick off by celebrating our 20th episode and discuss why reaching such milestones is crucial for any podcaster.
  2. Guest Insights: Lee Houghton shares his experiences and the invaluable benefits he has gained from his own podcasting journey.
  3. The Power of Connection: Discover how podcasting serves as a powerful tool for maintaining relationships and starting meaningful conversations.
  4. Passion and Consistency: Learn why loving what you do is essential for consistent podcast production and how it cultivates a loyal audience.
  5. Indirect Rewards: We go beyond the surface to uncover the indirect rewards of podcasting, such as increased credibility and personal development.
  6. Audience Engagement: Insights on how podcasting can help you build a network and why audience interaction matters.

Key Takeaways:

  • Podcasts can significantly extend your professional network and enhance your credibility.
  • Passion isn't just a buzzword; it's the backbone of sustainability in podcasting.
  • Podcasting offers more than immediate gains; it fosters long-term relationships and personal growth.

Join us in this conversation - it might just inspire you to start or persist with your podcasting journey. Whether you're a budding podcaster or an experienced one looking to glean new insights, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways. Listen, learn, and let us know your thoughts! Connect with us on social media or leave a comment below the episode. Don’t miss out on understanding the real rewards of running a podcast that extend well beyond monetary gains.

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Sadaf Beynon: [00:00:00] Welcome to Podjunction, where business meets podcasting. Whether you're on a morning jog, driving to work, whipping up a meal, or just simply taking a minute for yourself, our weekly bite sized episodes promise fresh insights from successful podcasters who have cracked the code of using podcasts to grow their business.

So whether you're a podcasting newbie or a seasoned podcaster, this episode is for you.

Matt Edmundson: Wow, hello, welcome to Podjunction episode 20. Yeah, we're on episode 20. I think we need a round of applause for that.

Sadaf Beynon: Don't you have any?

I think I'm cool. So not quite sure that's what I'm after. But yeah, welcome to episode 20 of the podcast podjunction. It's [00:01:00] great to be with you. My name is Matt beside me is still COVID up.

Matt Edmundson: Sadaf Beynon, still snot tastic, aren't you? So it's great that you could join us. Fortunately, you can't catch COVID or the flu down a microphone. So great.

Sadaf Beynon: Fortunate for them.

Matt Edmundson: Fortunate for them. Yeah, absolutely. And so yeah, we just talked about how to use podcasting to grow your business. in a slightly fun, hopefully educational way.

It normally involves us chatting about something. And so yeah, warm welcome to you, especially if this is your first time with us. Why did I make such a big deal of episode 20?

Sadaf Beynon: Because that is a huge milestone in the podcaster's journey.

Matt Edmundson: It is a huge milestone in any podcaster's journey. Yeah, I think it's like something like 95 percent of people don't get past episode five and then 95 percent of the people that remain in don't get past episode 20.

Yeah. Yeah. So by getting Or make

Sadaf Beynon: it to 20. Yeah.

Matt Edmundson: So maybe we should celebrate episode 21

Sadaf Beynon: No, this is good.

Matt Edmundson: Yeah. [00:02:00]

Sadaf Beynon: I like celebrating.

Matt Edmundson: Absolutely. So yeah, the consistency in podcasting is always part of the plan, isn't it? It's always part of the key. And yeah, if you make it to episode 20, celebrate, do something big on episode 20, because a lot of people have fallen out by this point.

And yeah, we do celebrate, we celebrate episode 20 and we celebrate episode 100, just because it's a hundred. And then do we, I don't know if we said maybe 500 after that would be the next.

Sadaf Beynon: Next one feels a bit far away.

Matt Edmundson: Maybe 250. I don't know. We'll figure something out. But we've got a little bit of a ways to go yet.

But now we're on Episode 20. So very warm welcome to you. And yeah, what we've got going on this day's show,

Sadaf Beynon: we've got Lee Houghton again. And he is talking about the benefits that he's experienced from having Been on this podcasting journey,

Matt Edmundson: just the benefits he's experienced having been on this podcast.

Sadaf Beynon: Sorry. Doing his podcast,

Matt Edmundson: I thought you were going to say being on this podcast.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah, that too.

Matt Edmundson: His business has taken [00:03:00] off because this is his second week on our MAHUSSIVE podcast. And so yes, we appreciate that Lee it's just killing it right now. And I'm still on the slow train. Thank you.

You might have to explain that if people didn't hear last week's show.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah. COVID and all, and just recovering from that.

Matt Edmundson: Yeah. COVID just, we were talking last week in last week's episode about this because COVID is not a thing anymore. We talk about COVID now and joke about it, but it's not a thing really.

Is it? It's just a thing. I've got a cold now, no one cares, but someone made you take a test. That's how you found out you got COVID. That is true. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then they, you just disappeared for a few days and this is your first day emerging from your cave.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah. I've still done a school run or two.

Yeah. Yeah. Dump and drive kind of thing.

Matt Edmundson: From my COVID infected kids at the school that was fun. So it's good to have you. It's good to see you looking well.

Sadaf Beynon: Oh, thank you.

Matt Edmundson: Cause you didn't sound well when we spoke on the phone.[00:04:00]

You spent most of your time talking to a tissue, I think, when we spoke on the phone. Yes. Yeah. Fair play. I don't need to paint anybody's more imagination. No, but a very warm welcome to you. So yeah, we've got Lee. We're going to carry on. What were we talking about this week? Did you say sorry?

Sadaf Beynon: Benefits that he's experienced from podcasting.

Matt Edmundson: Okay. Love these kind of conversations. And yeah, if you didn't catch last week's do check it out. It is on your favorite podcast app. Lee is the best. A legend. And last week we talked about asking great questions and having interesting conversations with people.

Sadaf Beynon: Speaking of great questions, I've got one for you.

Matt Edmundson: That was almost professional. It was almost like, Oh, we planned that, scripted that. We just, we rehearsed that so many times. I feel like we pulled that off. No one would know. That was seamless.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah, I worked hard at that one. Okay. So well done. Thank you. What's one piece of. What outdated podcasting advice do you think that people need to ditch or [00:05:00] avoid?

Matt Edmundson: I think it's the need to edit out all the ums. So as you answered, asked the question, I just, I realized, cause I can hear myself in my ears. I've just gone so it's one of those where still quite a lot of podcasters do this. They'll record the podcast and then they will spend hours and hours editing.

In software to get rid of the errs and the spaces and the blanks. And if you do the style of podcasts that we would recommend that you do, which is quite light hearted, quite conversational then you don't need to. And so I remember I was talking to Amelia about this last year at Subsummit.

Amelia is a legend. We should get her on Podjunction actually, just a little side note, get Amelia Coomber on here. I was talking to Amelia about this. She was spending eight hours at editing her podcast, each podcast has been eight hours and I sat down with her talking to her at Subsummit and which if you're going to, by the way, if you're involved in eCommerce membership based, check out subsummit. com, I will be there, speaking at the event. In fact, [00:06:00] podcasting live at the event is what I'll be doing. It's going to be great fun. So do come join us. SubSummit, quick cheeky plug. They'll love it because I plugged them on a completely different podcast. And yeah, so we talked and she was telling me it took her eight hours to do a podcast.

I said, I'm going to challenge you to get that podcast done completely in two hours or under. And she messaged me a few weeks later. Yeah. Yeah, I've done it in under two hours. So yeah, I think that's probably one of the things I'd say

Sadaf Beynon: we

Matt Edmundson: become so enamored by the slick, polished presentation, which is when if you're a BBC production, I get it.

If you're a high end podcast like Diary of the CEO and you've got eight staff and a million pound a year budget, I get it. If you're like mere mortals like me, I don't get it. I just don't, I don't think we've got the time and energy. I think that's why people drop out. They're trying to make something so slick and so perfect.

And actually, I said this last week, I think it's the imperfections, which Bring its authenticity quite a lot. . So yeah. [00:07:00] Don't be in rush to get rid of him. When you listen to this podcast, you'll have heard me go, eh, . We'll just leave him in there.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah, we do.

Matt Edmundson: We do. Even, to be fair, now, you can use the script and you can press a button and it'll get rid of them all for

Sadaf Beynon: you.

Matt Edmundson: So you don't even have to spend hours editing. But even I'm pillar words. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a little bit reluctant to get rid of those and the filler words. I quite like them. Not for shorts, by the way. I would take them out for a short, because it needs to be snappy.

Sadaf Beynon: So I had a thought on this one.

Matt Edmundson: Oh, excellent.

Sadaf Beynon: And I know I'm taken away from everything else, but I think it might be interesting. Sure.

Matt Edmundson: You do what you want. You do you. You live your truth, come on.

Sadaf Beynon: What was I saying? Yeah, so I think also there is this, I could be wrong, it might not be outdated at all, but in my head, it's a bit outdated that, like interview formats. So even what we're doing now it's not main, it's not, I'm going to stop talking now. for listening.

Can you help me? I have

Matt Edmundson: no idea what you're trying to say.

Sadaf Beynon: What I'm trying to say is It's not

Matt Edmundson: manufactured. It's not scripted. It's, I don't know, where are [00:08:00] you trying to go with this?

Sadaf Beynon: It's not,

Matt Edmundson: Slick. In any way, polished, professional. It's not, the

Sadaf Beynon: norm.

Matt Edmundson: Okay.

Sadaf Beynon: That's, I got there. Okay, well done.

I might need to cut some of that out. But yeah, it's not the norm, is it so that it's more varied, we're adding more variety to it. But I think it's also the same in the podcast niche or topics that people talk about. So when it's more conversational, it is more varied. It is more like the content is more diverse and I think people come for that.

And I think when we first started in my head, anyway, it was very much okay you pick a niche, you pick a topic, and this is the kind of stuff that you talk about forever, because this is the label on your podcast. But I think there's something to be said for the variety of the content as well, not like completely changing, your

Matt Edmundson: We don't talk about plumbing on the eCommerce Podcast.

Yes, like

Sadaf Beynon: that. We do talk about COVID on PodJunction, [00:09:00] but though?

Matt Edmundson: No, I do. It's interesting. What do you think? So I was talking to a beautiful lady. What day is it today? Is today Thursday? It is. I saw her Tuesday and she said to me Matt, I was listening to your eCommerce Podcast because we're looking at whether to invest or partner with that business in some way.

And I was listening to your podcast on the way to see whoever was in the car. And she said I chose the one about burnout, which was a bit of an unusual topic for the eCommerce podcast, because we talk about eCommerce, but I want us to do this one where we talk about what it's like to be an eCommerce business leader and actually how you can experience burnout and some of the things that you can talk about.

So it was slightly off piste. But it was still connected. We had a brand new listener and that was the one she chose. Yeah. I thought it was fascinating. So yeah, you can add variety as a spice of life, but it has to stay connected to the theme.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah. All right.

Matt Edmundson: Is that all right? That is all right answer?

That's great. Awesome.

Sadaf Beynon: Because it was my answer. I'm kidding.[00:10:00]

Matt Edmundson: I love when you say something a little bit cheeky, you always follow up with I'm kidding. It's like your default. Whereas me, I'd say whatever and I'd just leave it in the air. I don't qualify with that. I'm just joking, really. I'm like, whatever.

Ah, brilliant. Anyway, enough about us. Let's listen to Lee and then Sadaf and I will be back after this. Here's Lee.

So you started the podcast because of this conversation with Chris and because of the events with Chris.

Lee Houghton: Yep.

Matt Edmundson: Has it benefited your business in any way doing the podcast?

Lee Houghton: Yeah, so I think it yes is the easy answer to that question but directly and indirectly as well, what I found is credibility, so credibility is definitely increased because it's a weekly thing and I can post about that.

Not everybody in our space has got a podcast, so credibility has increased. I was in a client meeting probably about six months ago now with the manufacturing director, the people [00:11:00] director, and the COO was dialing in. And as he dialed in he went, Oh, it's it's amazing to see the face.

I've been listening to the podcast this morning. I was like, oh wow, I didn't realize that, but it's because I'm just talking about the stuff that I do all by day as well. It just helped further build credibility and it's helped real people think that they know me before they know me because of the stuff that I'm saying, it's just authentically me.

I have the same conversations like 24/7. All of the time. So credibility has increased. Just my ability to create and develop content has increased as well. Yeah. It's won us some business. It started some business, but it's also maintained relationships with the, so if I'm working in an organization now and I'm leaving, then the people that I'm leaving behind are podcast listeners because they've had some value, so then I maintain a relationship directly and indirectly with them so that I still get a message every Monday when a podcast is released with a review [00:12:00] from somebody I worked with two years ago.

It's amazing. And there's I can never, what I can't do is go, having a podcast has generated X number of pounds. Yeah. I can't do that directly. Yeah. I can show the, where it's helped generate some pounds. But I've not just drawn the straight line. It's helped me start conversations with people that I've wanted to do business with as well because it's provided a platform for senior people in organizations that I'd love to work with.

It's provided a platform for me to get to know them because I can have a conversation before the pod, you can have a conversation on the pod, and you can have a conversation post pod, to really just get to know them as people. So it's a great relationship builder, it's a great credibility builder, and it's a great business development builder. And then personally, it's a great personal development builder.

Yes, I answered yes really. And I think there's so many benefits to having a podcast that I just never envisaged at the start. Like I said [00:13:00] before, I started it just to keep my lessons alive. And yeah, but the benefits I'm seeing, now yeah just amazing. I love it. Love it. Oh, isn't that brilliant?

That's probably the reason why, for those four reasons there, that it's got 200 odd episodes and I can't see it ever ending. So yeah, so that's yeah. Yes, loads of benefits.

Matt Edmundson: And it's interesting when you say, I can't see it ever ending because what that tells me, Lee, is actually not only are there the benefits to your business and yourself, it sounds like you get immense joy and satisfaction out of doing the podcast.

It's something that you've actually come to love doing just for yourself, just as much as for your business, right?

Lee Houghton: Yes. Oh completely. I absolutely love it. I am. So I used to have six episodes stacked ready to go, so I'd have a little buffer of episodes. so I didn't worry and things.

And then when it get down to one episode to go, there'd be a bit of a [00:14:00] panic and I'd have to try to record one really quickly to make sure that I could get it out the following week and stuff. And I think back now that actually I didn't want to let anybody down. I wa I absolutely love it.

I'm in this rhythm of one every single week, every Monday, six o'clock or whatever time it gets scheduled, it comes out and I didn't want to let anybody down if there's one person listening. So there's a bit of a pride thing there's a bit of a consistency thing.

Matt Edmundson: Very good. Very nice. Slight pause at the end there. That's because we weren't hot on the switch, but I was too engrossed in the interview chatting away with Lee there. So again, Lee, what a legend. Thanks for coming on the show, man. And Yeah, the benefits of podcasting. What did you think?

Sadaf Beynon: I thought it was really good.

I liked that he, again, he brought in from last week as well, he talked about the personal growth aspect of podcasting and he's brought that up again in this and [00:15:00] as, as you pointed out, like he clearly loves, doesn't he? And there's he's benefiting from it in so many different ways.

Matt Edmundson: It's really interesting actually. That was the end point that he touched on.

And having a, I think, does podcasting help your business? Absolutely. Can it help the majority of businesses? Absolutely. But fundamentally for it to do that. I think you've got to come to a place where you love what you do.

I don't know if you have to start out there. I think sometimes you look, you get passionate about the things you become good at. But at some point you've got to have this belief and passion in what you're doing to maintain doing it because it takes work, right? It's not like it just falls out of the sky, the podcast, you've got to prep it.

You've got to do some work behind it. And I think for Lee, whenever you talk to him, that is genuinely a man that really enjoys what he does. He loves podcasting for all the reasons that we'll talk about. And he mentioned, but there is that fundamental [00:16:00] desire and passion for what he is doing and it comes across in his podcast.

It comes across in his voice and that's what makes him a really good podcaster. He just loves what he does. And there was a comment he made towards the end, which I think is so powerful. He said, when it comes to putting out the episodes, he didn't want to let anybody down. Yeah. And when you care about your audience that much, you're onto a winner because it's fascinating.

We talk about, podcasting, it needs to fit into my schedule, blah, blah, blah. But when you get good and your podcast grows, people are counting on you to put information out there every week and thinking and caring about your audience and being passionate about what you're delivering to them.

As there aren't many people that talk about that and Lee did. And I think that comes across cause he's just such a legend of a guy, so yeah, I, I think that's a phenomenal starting place.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah. Do you remember the lessons that he learned from his friend?

Matt Edmundson: Oh, you've put me on the spot there.

No, I wish I had my notebook with me. He talked about, [00:17:00] but he talked about, I remember him having the conversation with Chris and it changed his life in some of the, in terms of his friend was, I think his friend was dying and he learned some, I think there were just regrets or things that he wished he'd done differently.

And Lee was like I'm going to make sure that I listened to what you're saying, and put those into practice. But I'm going to have to add a good segue, listen to the full length episode. They're all in there.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah, I also thought it was interesting that he talked about how the podcast increased his credibility and because that's something Marcia touched on as well, didn't she, when we were doing her episode and how it's how that guy that got the call with him.

Yeah. Yeah. Just. Yeah.

Matt Edmundson: Yeah. I think. To shortcut everything, every guest we have on PodJunction. If I say to them or you say to them when you're interviewing them or if I'm interviewing them, what are the benefits to your business from podcasting? They're all gonna say the same thing [00:18:00] in when it comes to credibility, they're all gonna say, it helps me start great conversations and it builds my credibility. It gives me great content. I've not yet met anybody that can say. This podcast has brought in this much money other than if you're doing a sponsorship style podcast, we do talk about that on the show, but if you're using it to build your business like Lee, so he's using it for connections and maintaining relationships and all that sort of stuff with his business coaching clients, then it's very hard to monetize that, but he's passionate about it, he loves it and he keeps doing it.

And you will, I think you'll hear that as a common theme, credibility being, I think the key one, it increases your credibility. And so the lady that I spoke to two days ago, when she was listening to the burnout episode, what I can't tell you is the fact that she listened to me in her car on a podcast, talking about a topic, and we're having conversations about do we get involved with their business?


I don't know how much credibility I've scored with her from that episode. Yeah. But there [00:19:00] will be some . And the fact that she could listen to me in a podcast in the car would've helped the conversation I had with her subsequently. Yeah. Yeah. And that's one of the things that Lee was talking about, wasn't it?

And I think it's such a powerful thing. And I, yeah. I dunno how to quantify it. And until you've experienced it, it's a very hard thing to get your head around in some respects. But as soon as you've done it, as soon as you've gone and put a podcast out there and somebody's listened to it and you, and they talk to you about it,

Sadaf Beynon: yeah.

Matt Edmundson: You get it? .

Sadaf Beynon: Does that make sense? . .

Matt Edmundson: So yeah. Credibility is maive.

Sadaf Beynon: It's interesting, isn't it? The podcasting platform. It's so multifaceted. And you're getting so much out of it. It's not just what's on the bottom line, is it? So it's quite cool.

Matt Edmundson: Yeah, it is. It is. And I think you cannot underestimate, and this is where you have to remember when things get tough, when things get hard and you go, Oh, no one's called me this week.

I mentioned my business on the podcast, but no one picked up the phone, there's, it's easy to look at it. And this is why I think quite a lot [00:20:00] of podcasters stop is because you go, hang on, I did a podcast, four people listened to it this week. And no one called when I mentioned my business and it's yeah, no one's going to call.

It's an obvious statement to make, but when you do it week in, week out, when it's getting hard. If you've got that passion for it, you'll keep doing it. But yeah, it's the other things that you also have to look at the credibility factor, the how many interesting conversations have I had with people that I wouldn't have had I have not done the podcast.

And if you target those conversations, like with people that you want to do business with, that's just wild, right? Yeah, you've got to look beyond the pound, shilling and pence, as we say here in the UK. And I think you've got to, you've got to see it. On this sort of multifaceted.

Benefit level which is not always easily that, it's not always that easy to measure is a better way to phrase that.

Sadaf Beynon: And it comes with time, isn't it? It's an accumulative effect rather than.

Matt Edmundson: A lot like social media in that sense, social media, it's [00:21:00] hard to measure a return on investment sometimes.

And actually the people that do well at social media rave about it and 90 percent of people go, it doesn't work. Clearly it does, but for the 90 percent of people that did it and it didn't work. Probably what they didn't work and I'd say podcasting is the same thing, most of the people that drop out say podcasting isn't where you go.

Actually, I think podcasting works 99. 9 percent of the time, where you've missed it is in this area. Yeah, if that makes sense. So yeah. What else?

Sadaf Beynon: What else? Yeah, I guess the other thing maybe is his like the personal satisfaction that he gets out of it and the personal development that's come out of it for him as well. It's not just the credibility and the business that's developing as a result of it, but his personal.

Matt Edmundson: Yeah, I was smiling because when he was talking about that, he used the word pod. And it's one of those words, I think, when you start doing podcasting, you shorten the word podcast to [00:22:00] pod. And it just reminds me of the people that say, ping me an email rather than send, ping, ping and pod, it's the same thing really.

I, Lee, I think you're a legend. I just, I can't use the word pod myself. I don't know. I, some people do it. You get around people. Oh yeah, the pod's doing really well. Pod? Oh, the podcast. Okay. So yeah, if you abbreviate pod, good on you. I just, I can't do it. But yeah, you're right.

It's that. Again, that benefit, isn't it? And these are those intangibles, massive intangibles. Like this morning, what I wrote an email to a supplier that we're going to use for a new website. I copied in Jen, who's the marketing head of marketing in that, and so copied those two in.

And I also brought in a guest who had been on the show, who I know could help with that whole thing. And I'm like, let's get him involved in the conversation. And so that network, that growth in terms of people that I know was, it's been brilliant. I, if I had not done the podcast, I wouldn't [00:23:00] have been able to bring him in the conversation and he wouldn't be able to bring into the conversation, the value that I know he's going to bring.

Does that make sense? I can't, again, can I quantify that? I don't know. I don't know how I'd try, but it's. It's that aspect of it, which for me is a big deal, the ability to say, Oh, talk to such and such a person, or let's get such and such on the phone and talk to them, I think is my personal network has grown tremendously.

And so we've, in business, I won't go into all the details, but we've made some big changes recently, we're making some big changes. Part of that, if I trace the origins of that, came from the fact that I had a conversation with a, we did a podcast with a guy. Had a great conversation. A year later, I connect back with him, check in, have a conversation with him.

And the result of that conversation cemented in my head,

Some things that I was thinking about, which has resulted in some big changes in our business. Again, all happened because of [00:24:00] the podcast and people that I knew from the podcast. Those big changes, are they going to make money?

Absolutely. Can I put them all down to the podcast? No, not at all. But podcasting was definitely part of it. And this is what I mean. It's all these extra stories, whether it's my personal growth, whether it's my network, whether it's credibility, whether it's having meaningful conversations, whatever it is, whether I can get somebody in on a conversation about a website we're trying to develop and get his benefits in there, his value as well.

So much stuff. So much stuff. Yeah, I don't know what your question was. I felt like I rambled then.

Sadaf Beynon: No, I don't remember the question either.

Matt Edmundson: You can tell ladies and gentlemen, we don't subscribe to the show has to be Uber polished. And we definitely don't have a script playing on the teleprompter in front of us.

Because that would just be a ridiculous script we would have just written. But yeah, no I think, we'll talk about this a lot on the show. I'm curious. So if you're listening [00:25:00] to episode 20, and we've talked about this a couple of times, maybe this is your first time with us. Maybe it's not. Maybe you're thinking about podcasting as a tool to grow your business.

Maybe you're using podcasting. Maybe you love it. Maybe you're struggling with it. I am really curious where you're at and what the benefits to you and your business are. So reach out to me on social media, just find me on Instagram, Matt Edmundson, or find me on LinkedIn, Matt Edmundson and just let me know.

I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to know what you think, what the benefits to you are. To your business are for podcasting and we'll cajole all the information together, 'cause it really intrigues me, what people say. And like I say, there are some common threads amongst it, but then there are things which I think become unique to you and your business.

Yeah. And so yeah. Super curious, but this is how we use podcasting, grow our business. Yes. Many ways, which is why we're on episode 20 and we've not even scratched the surface. We've got a long way to go yet.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah.

Matt Edmundson: We're talking about episode 500 now.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah,

Matt Edmundson: plus celebrating.

Yeah, absolutely. We just, we love it. Do you love it? Do you love the podcasting thing? I do. [00:26:00] Kind of thing.

Sadaf Beynon: You know what? I think I'm very early in my journey of hosting.

Matt Edmundson: Early on this side of the microphone.

Sadaf Beynon: Yes. It is interesting. It's very exciting. And I can see what you guys talk about as far as the evolution of your style.

I'm excited for where I'm going to end up. I'm not loving where I'm at right now. Yeah,

Matt Edmundson: that's great. Just a backstory. If you're listening to the show, Sadaf. And I've worked together for years and I've normally been the guy behind the microphone and you are the head of production. In fact, you now run the whole podcast company.

I don't know what that means job title wise, but it's just like the boss, the dude. And yeah, but so you've got a lot of experience on the other side of the microphone. And this is the first time. been on this side of the microphone. So this is your 20th episode of Podjunction into podcasting.

So it's a big milestone for you. I don't even know what episode I'm on. I don't know if I can count that high. But for you, it's awesome. And what's interesting, actually, we should bring it out, we were talking about this the other day with the [00:27:00] video intros. So we use these clips. On the podcast, like the intro, it's you talking welcome to PodJunction , the end.

It's thanks for watching. And we hadn't in this episode, but we usually have a little bit of midroll and stuff and that's you talking as well. And actually the evolution for you has been the energy. So if you watch that is, that's one of the evolutions. Yeah, it is. If you watch some of the earlier episodes set ups welcome to Podcast

It's great that you're here, .

Sadaf Beynon: It's true.

Matt Edmundson: And we ran with it because you've gotta start somewhere, right? And yes, we can. We can wax lyrical, you're a podcast company, should you do better? I'm like, we wanted to do this the same way you guys would do it in terms of launching it and getting people listening.

So when you, and if you watch some of the earlier episodes, just listen to the intros, and we were talking earlier, we need to redo them all because everything's changing here as it does and evolves. But I don't know if actually they've seen any of the newer stuff that you've done, the energy is much higher


actually you're smiling at the camera rather than looking at it, scared of it, it's that kind of thing.

Yeah. The

Sadaf Beynon: other [00:28:00] evolution I'd like to point out is my use of the microphone. If you haven't noticed, Matt hasn't prompted me for quite some time now.

Matt Edmundson: Yeah, I've not gone. Yeah, we all get better at talking to the microphone, absolutely. And also, when you laugh, you move away from the mic.

That's another thing. But yeah, no, it's good. It's good. Your mic technique is good. Your energy levels are getting better. It's almost like you're a pro. I don't think people would have noticed had we not told them.

Sadaf Beynon: Yeah, that's okay.

Matt Edmundson: Even if you've been on a bit of a go slow today.

Sadaf Beynon: It's pretty good. Pretty good going.

Matt Edmundson: Yeah, absolutely. Awesome. Anything else from you? No. Legend. We're going to clear off. We're going to let you mull on the lessons of Leigh, the benefits of podcasting. Thanks for sticking with us through episode 20.

If you haven't done so yet, make sure you subscribe to the show because we've got some [00:29:00] more great episodes coming out. Obviously they're going to be great because the guests are great. And Sadaf's great. We're great. Together, we're legends. And so yeah, absolutely been great to have you. Thanks for joining us.

Hope you get a lot out of it. That's it from us for this week. We'll see you next time. Bye for now.

Sadaf Beynon: And that brings us to the end of today's episode at PodJunction. If you've enjoyed the insights from this episode and want to hear the full conversation with today's special guest, don't forget to visit pod junction.com where you'll find more information about how you can join PodJunction Cohort.

Whether you listen while on the go or in quiet moment. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. Remember, every episode is a chance to gain insights and to transform your business with podcasting. So keep on tuning in, keep on learning and until next time, happy [00:30:00] podcasting.